Larry Saunders Announces Candidacy for South District Supervisor

Two months before the general election in  Nelson County, an Arrington man is throwing his hat into the ring for the position of  South District Supervisor on the  Nelson County Board of Supervisors.

Larry Saunders, 65, officially announced his candidacy earlier this week as the  Republican nominee for the position.

Larry Saunders

The seat is one of 11 elected positions up for grabs in  Nelson County on Nov. 8.

Saunders  is the owner of Saunders Construction, located near Colleen, and a  Nelson County native.

In 2007, Saunders was one of four candidates for the South District Supervisor position after the previous  Supervisor, Harry Harris,retired.

Current South District Supervisor, Joe Dan Johnson, beat Saunders for the position by three votes.

Saunders said he decided to enter the race again after months of receiving phone calls and pleas from friends, family and neighbors.

“It seemed to be everywhere I went out, somebody was pleading with me and begging with me to run,” he said. “Everybody but my wife. She wasn’t too happy with the decision.”

Saunders said he has more than 40 years of experience in the construction business and can bring that knowledge to the table on the Nelson County Board of Supervisors with all of the construction projects currently happening in the county.

“People said we needed a person on the Board who knew business and construction with the increasing number of projects and renovations going on in the county,” he said in a recent news release. “They seemed to think I could help the county save money and bring some knowledge to the table.”

Saunders plans to carry the same agenda as he presented in his 2007 run, which included pushing for fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars, attracting business to the county to provide more opportunity for jobs and providing simplified information to new businesses on how they can work and grow within Nelson.

Saunders said that he is excited about running again.

“I feel like I can win this time,” he said. “It is down to three candidates instead of four. I just feel strongly that with the support I’ve gotten, we stand a real good chance of winning this time.”

Johnson is running for re-election of the seat and  Johnny Ponton,  of Shipman, is running for the seat as the Democratic nominee.

By: Erin McGrath
Published: September 14, 2011 in the Nelson County Times