Republican Fifth District Nominee for Congress
Congressman Tom Garrett (R)
Primary June 12, 2018
General Election November 6, 2018

For Immediate Release:
By Melvin Adams- GOP Chairman of the Fifth District

The DPVA selected Leslie Cockburn to run against our Congressman Tom Garrett in this November’s General Election. But who exactly is Ms. Cockburn? What should the voters of the Fifth District know about Ms. Cockburn and where she stands on the issues? If recent stories are any indication, Ms. Cockburn is not the right fit for the Fifth District of Virginia!

Lets look at her primary campaign and the staff she employed to win the nomination. Here is a report from the Caucus in Madison County-
That’s right. The action of Ms. Cockburn’s staff caused the resignation of the Chairwoman of the Greene County Democrat Committee, citing harassment; and even a charge (yet to be explained) of racism was leveled against the Caucus organizers by Cockburn’s staff. Here is Ms. Alcorn’s statement- “As an official at the Madison County Caucus, I am deeply offended by this false, coercive, intimidating attack by a Democratic candidate that most likely will become our nominee,” she said. “I cannot support such a person, let alone encourage others in my community to support someone who exhibits behavior no different than politicians we wish to replace.” And from the Richmond Times Dispatch –  http://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/government-politics/greene-county-democratic-chairwoman-resigns-alleging-harassment-and-intimidation-from/article_a89a3ee5-6086-5b97-9e5a-78c2261ab3fc.html  “Alcorn wrote in an email to Greene County Democrats that she had suffered harassment by the Cockburn campaign for months and wrote that she thought other party chairs had as well. During the caucuses, Cockburn sent an email to Suzanne Long, Democratic chairwoman of the 5th Congressional District, alleging “a racist incident” by local party volunteers. “I am deeply offended by this false, coercive, intimidating attack by a Democratic candidate that most likely will become our nominee,” Alcorn wrote in her email.”

It seems that Ms. Cockburn is running a Campaign of entitlement that is reminiscent of the losing Clinton/Kaine Campaign, which is full of arrogance and being out of touch with the voters.

It also appears that Leslie Cockburn has an anti-Semite problem. From the RPV News – http://virginia.gop/democrats-nominate-virulent-anti-semite-fifth-district/


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Adopted by the Nelson County Republican Committee on May 9, 2015

Whereas the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is not an issue that is germane to the Nelson County Republican Committee mission statement and
Whereas the Nelson County Republican Committee has members on both sides of the issue,
The Nelson County Republican Committee hereby resolves to take no position on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.