Meet the Republican Candidate for
U.S. Senate from Virginia

Ed Gillespie of Alexandria

Ed’s father Jack came to this country from Ireland as a boy because Ed’s grandfather had found work in America. Ed grew up working in his parents’ grocery store.

Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie

Ed’s parents never went to college, but they insisted that he get a college education. Ed worked his way through the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

He and his wife Cathy have raised their three children, John, Carrie and Mollie, near George Washington’s Mt. Vernon in Fairfax County, Virginia. Their family includes two Jack Russell Terriers: Sunny and Skye.

An Alexandria communications consultant and former White House aide, Gillespie has spent his career fighting for conservative principles of limited, effective government and personal liberty that help make life better and more prosperous for Virginians. He has fought to make sure that the American Dream that brought his father to this country continues to be in reach for future generations.

Gillespie was a long-time policy and communications aide to former House Majority Leader Dick Armey. He was a principal drafter of the Contract with America, the 1994 campaign platform on which Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years.

A former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Gillespie in 2004 became the first GOP chairman in 80 years to preside over his party’s winning the White House, House and Senate. His aggressive outreach to African-American and Hispanic voters was a highlight of his tenure. He went on to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

He served as chairman of Bob McDonnell’s successful campaign for governor in 2009, Counselor to the President in the last 18 months of the Bush Administration, and before that was co-founder of a bipartisan public affairs firm Quinn Gillespie and Associates (QGA), one of Washington, DC’s premier government relations firms.

Ed served on the Board of Trustees of the Catholic University of America, the Council on Virginia’s Future, and as Chairman of the Republican State Leadership Committee.

Ed volunteered as a basketball coach for 5 years at St. Louis Catholic School. Ed, Cathy and their son John have been involved with Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy http://www.crossover-india.org/

 Ed at: edforsenate.com

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Ed’s Agenda for Economic Growth

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Meet Our U.S. Representative for
Virginia’s 5th District

Congressman Robert Hurt of Chatham

Many people remember Southern and Central Virginia 30 years ago: the bustling commerce of the cities and the courthouse towns, the busy tobacco warehouses, and the landmark textile and furniture factories that manufactured the finest products in the world and provided to our people good jobs for generations. However, during the last 30 years, the good people of South and Central Virginia have witnessed this prosperity decline and have felt the losses of thousands of jobs and thriving businesses. It has been our greatest challenge to adapt to these economic realities and to rebuild our economy here at home and across the Commonwealth.

Since being sworn in to the U.S. House of Representatives in January 2011, Robert has made job creation, support of small business and reduced government spending his

Congressman Robert Hurt

Congressman Robert Hurt

top priority. One such piece of legislation is the DUST Act. This bill stops the EPA from penalizing farmers from generating, you guessed it – Dust. As is often the case with unelected bureaucrats, Washington actually was moving to penalize farmers who generated dust. They wanted to regulate it and fine already struggling family farms. Robert’s bill stopped this federal over-reach of power. Robert also supported and voted for numerous bills to expand energy exploration and lower the cost of gasoline- including the Keystone pipeline, a proven job creator. Robert ran for Congress in 2010 on the promise of restoring fiscal responsibility to the federal government, removing burdensome regulations from small businesses and farmers, and putting our country on a path to energy independence. Since being elected to represent the people of Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, Robert has made good on those promises.

Robert also voted to control federal spending in Washington by supporting over $8 Trillion in cuts in government spending from our federal budget, and twice voting for a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution. He voted against writing a blank check in raising the debt ceiling without corresponding cuts.
Robert is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, which oversees all aspects of the nation’s financial and housing sectors. As a member of this committee, Robert is committed to working with his colleagues to find common-sense, free market solutions to move our economy forward and allow small businesses the access to capital that they so vitally need to grow and hire.

As a freshman Congressman, Robert Hurt is leading a new wave of conservative transformation in Washington. He is fighting to shrink the size of the federal government, protect individual liberties and the right to bear arms, and sustain our nation’s conservative values. While in the Virginia State Senate from 2008-2010, Robert Hurt represented Southside Virginia and worked to repair the economy and focus on job creation for his constituents. As a Representative in the House of Delegates from 2000-2006, Robert voted against more than a dozen tax increases and consistently fought attempts by Democrats to increase state spending and pass bloated budgets. Before entering the Virginia House of Delegates, Robert served on the town council in his hometown of Chatham and led a successful law practice.

Robert and his wife Kathy live in Chatham, with their three sons, Charles, Clement and John. Having grown up in Chatham, Robert has a profound appreciation for the rich history and shares the rural American values of the Fifth District.

Read more about Congressman Hurt at: www.roberthurtforcongress.com


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